Ensure you’re on a genuine Xandeum site: only ‘xandeum.com’, ‘xandeum.org’, and ‘xandeum.ventures’ and their subdomains are official. Check the URL carefully!

Ensure you’re on a genuine Xandeum site: only ‘xandeum.com’, ‘xandeum.org’, and ‘xandeum.ventures’ and their subdomains are official. Check the URL carefully!

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The Future of Blockchain Smart Contracts

Xandeum is a seamless L1 smart contract platform for developing Web3 apps. It comes with an integrated, blockchain-based, and scalable storage layer.

vNodes (Validator Nodes)

“Validator Nodes (vNodes)” are the backbone of the network, usually run in data centers. They come in two flavors, Platinum Nodes (PtNodes), which sold out back in 2022, and Founders Nodes (FndNodes), which are still on sale.

vNodes are the true backbone of the Xandeum project. They are hosted on high-performance machines around the world to support maximum TPS and scalability anywhere a user is located. They perform several critical functions:

vNodes validate transactions on the blockchain. They ensure that each transaction is legitimate and conforms to the network’s rules. In our case, they validate all kinds of storage-related transactions.

Through a process called consensus, vNodes agree on the state of the blockchain. This agreement is essential for maintaining the blockchain’s integrity and security

vNodes are responsible for creating new blocks in the blockchain. Each block contains a group of transactions that are permanently recorded on the network.

vNodes maintain the ledger’s health and functionality, making them indispensable to the Xandeum project. Validators receive rewards for every transaction as long as they are performant. The more our storage layer is used, the more the validator can earn.

pNodes (Provider Nodes)

“Storage Provider Nodes (pNodes)” are the key innovation of the Xandeum project. The validator offloads storing the actual data on hundreds of thousands of pNodes around the world. These are hosted on standard consumer-grade hardware with fast SSD-attached storage. pNodes are setting up the storage layer.

pNodes provide decentralized storage solutions for the network. This is where the bulk of on-chain data, like application content, is stored. Not every pNode stores all the data. Instead, each sedApp (storage-enabled dApps) can set its own level of redundancy, and the data will be stored on that many pNodes.

By offloading storage responsibilities to pNodes, Xandeum dramatically increases scalability. This design allows for a higher volume of transactions and data without bogging down the vNode network

Coordinated via the vNodes, the storage pNodes undergo challenges to verify the user data remains immutable and in agreement with the validity of the blockchain. This enables smart contracts to call data proven to be accurate and accessible at all times.

Utilizing the EGGS (External Global Grouped Storage) protocol, data is stored in a global cluster of nodes offering the end user a selectable amount of acceptable redundancy (ie. 32x, 64x, 128x redundancy) so their data is safe even in the event of multiple failures in their assigned cluster.

In simple terms, pNodes are the hard drives of the Xandeum project, storing and protecting the data necessary for a fully functional web3 environment. Dedicating storage to the Xandeum storage layer is simple and easy. Additionally, you’ll earn rewards if your node is performant.

Xandeum Storage Layer

The pNodes use a consensus mechanism based on the battle-proven RAFT algorithm. The vNodes (validators) supervise the pNodes via our Storage Engine (SE). The SE slices the data into pages, encrypts them, picks several pNodes to store them, and supervises them through sending cryptographic challenges in regular intervals, and logging ZK Stark proofs to the underlying Solana, building on Solana’s outstanding security.

The Future of Blockchain Smart Contracts

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in blockchain technology. 

Xandeum is a seamless L1 smart contract platform for developing Web3 apps. It comes with an integrated, blockchain-based, and scalable storage layer.

Xandeum is poised to touch billions of lives, empowering individuals and businesses with unparalleled efficiency, security, and control.


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Xandeum Future of Blockchain

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What You Need To Know

Easy Steps to Buy Your Founders Node (vNode)

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3. Check the 3 launch videos by our founder Bernie Blume

4. Go to get.xandeum.com and get your nodes at the launch

Discover the Power of Xandeum

Xandeum is designed to transform the digital landscape by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology like never before.
Our cutting-edge platform features:

Blazing Fast Transaction

Experience lightning-fast, secure, and scalable transactions to power the next generation of decentralized applications.

Robust Token Economy

Xandeum’s native token enables seamless, cross-border value exchange and incentivizes network participants for their contributions.

Eco-Friendly Consensus

Our energy-efficient proof-of-stake algorithm minimizes environmental impact while ensuring maximum security.

Decentralized Finance Reimagined

Unlock new opportunities in DeFi with advanced financial tools, bridging the gap between traditional and digital economies.

A Thriving Developer Ecosystem

Open-source tools, comprehensive documentation, and an active community of developers make Xandeum the go-to choice for building web3 applications.

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Xandeum Revolution

The Xandeum Revolution

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Xandeum is a blockchain platform that offers a unique storage layer called External Global Grouped Storage (EGGS), which provides a secure, blockchain-based storage system to enhance the scalability and efficiency of decentralized applications.

By leveraging EGGS, developers can reduce the load on the main blockchain, allowing for faster transaction times and improved overall performance.

XAND is the native currency of the upcoming Xandeum storage-enabled L1.

You can use XAND to pay for Xandeum’s transactions, both regular smart contract transactions as well as storage transactions.

The platform harnesses the Move programming language to make it easier for developers to create and deploy decentralized, storage-enabled applications (SEDApps).

Xandeum’s combination of advanced storage solutions and developer-friendly tools makes it a promising platform for web3 startups looking for a scalable and efficient platform to build on.

No. For the storage, there is a separate, related blockchain that will delegate the storage responsibility from the validators to storage provider nodes.

We will eventually have millions of storage provider nodes all over the world running on inexpensive consumer-grade hardware. 

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