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Bitoku joins Solana Hackathon

Last August, we participated in the Solana Summercamp Online Hackathon. We’re glad that we invested the time and effort for the Solana Summercamp participation, even without receiving any prize or honorable mention.

Given the fact that we submitted two things, and our main thing – Bitoku, wasn’t in a state where it’s up and running, it was tough for the jurors to get us front and center. Also, their focus is on companies that build “missing tools” for Solana itself – and we’re a bit off track for them building our own thing.

We set out for the hackathon to get better connections within the Solana community – and man did we hit that main goal. We now have a close working relationship with the management from Phantom, PsyOption, realms.today, Solana Foundation and Solana Labs itself now. On Discord, we even chatted about some tech stuff with Anatoly himself (Solana founder).

We were able to discuss our ideas and get feedback on so many levels.

Bernie is a well-known contributor to the Solana StackExchange now, and was #3 for some time only after two Solana employees were tasked with running the StackExchange!