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Xandeum Labs - Solana Validator

High-Performance Solana Validator Operated by Xandeum Labs


Introducing Xandeum Labs, your next-gen social storage blockchain, seamlessly integrated into the cutting-edge Solana ecosystem. Designed to fuel and fortify the full spectrum of Web3 initiatives, Xandeum is more than a blockchain; it’s a revolution.

Situated in Troy, MI, our high-performance Solana validator operates at optimal capacity. Hosted in a secure, carrier-neutral colocation facility, we guarantee unrivaled performance backed by exceptional hardware and a 0% commission fee.

Why compromise on decentralization? We haven’t. Our validator resides in a specialized data center, uniquely devoid of any other validators. This strategic choice amplifies the Solana chain’s resistance to censorship and fortifies its resilience against hardware failures and regional internet vulnerabilities.

Power redundancy? Consider it solved. With dual A/B power feeds and distinct power distribution systems, our UPS and generators are engineered for a minimum 72-hour runtime. Complemented by advanced redundant cooling mechanisms, we’re not just aiming for 100% uptime; we’re engineered for it.

Meet our stewards of technology: our validator operators. A synergistic blend of seasoned developers and tech aficionados, united by an ineffable drive to democratize technology. Their singular focus and global distribution across time zones ensure we’re always on—so you can be too.

Embrace the future with Xandeum Labs. When it comes to unparalleled performance, unyielding security, and unstoppable uptime, the choice is clear; the choice is Xandeum.