Ensure you’re on a genuine Xandeum site: only ‘xandeum.com’, ‘xandeum.org’, and ‘xandeum.ventures’ and their subdomains are official. Check the URL carefully!

Ensure you’re on a genuine Xandeum site: only ‘xandeum.com’, ‘xandeum.org’, and ‘xandeum.ventures’ and their subdomains are official. Check the URL carefully!

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An L1 Blockchain Using the Move Language

Empowering Developers in the Web3 Ecosystem

Xandeum L1 Blockchain Using the Move Language


As the web3 ecosystem continues to expand, developers are in search of an L1 blockchain that combines flexibility, security, and scalability. Xandeum has emerged as a powerful solution, setting itself apart as an L1 blockchain using the Move language. This choice of programming language not only provides an optimal developer experience but also lays the foundation for a more secure and adaptable platform. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the advantages of Xandeum and why the Move language makes it the ideal choice for developers in the web3 space.

The Xandeum Difference: L1 Blockchain

Xandeum stands out in the crowded L1 blockchain space due to its unique combination of advanced technology and developer-friendly features. It adds a scalable, blockchian-based storage layer to smart contracts, which is a critical enabler for web3 dApps.  By utilizing the Move programming language, Xandeum streamlines the development process, enabling developers to build robust and secure decentralized applications more efficiently. The Move language has a concept for storage built-in, and it is very natural to just add the delegated storage layer EGGS (running on millions of consumer-grade storage provider nodes such as Raspberry Pi’s, old laptops, etc) to that existing Move stoarge concept. Moreover, Xandeum’s innovative storage layer, External Global Grouped Storage (EGGS), further enhances the platform’s capabilities, making it a go-to choice for web3 startups.

The Power of Move Language

The Move language, originally developed by Diem (formerly Libra), is a crucial factor in Xandeum’s appeal as an L1 blockchain. Move is designed with safety and flexibility in mind, allowing developers to create smart contracts and decentralized applications that are both secure and adaptable. The language’s unique approach to resource management and its module-based structure make it an ideal choice for a cutting-edge L1 blockchain like Xandeum. The language’s module-based structure makes it easy to create reusable code, which can reduce development time and improve code quality. This means that developers can focus on building their dApps without worrying about security issues or the complexity of the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

Xandeum’s L1 Blockchain and the Move Language:

A Winning Combination

When it comes to the web3 ecosystem, Xandeum’s decision to use the Move language provides developers with numerous advantages. This powerful combination enables the creation of secure, efficient, and scalable decentralized applications that can meet the growing demands of the web3 space. Furthermore, Xandeum’s innovative storage layer, EGGS, complements the platform’s use of Move, resulting in a seamless and robust development experience for web3 startups.


As an L1 blockchain using the Move language, Xandeum is well-positioned to become a leading force in the web3 ecosystem. Its emphasis on security, adaptability, and developer-friendly features ensures that web3 startups can confidently build and scale their projects on the Xandeum platform. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the potential of Xandeum – the L1 blockchain that’s empowering developers and reshaping the future of decentralized applications with the power of Move.